John Adams & Associates is the go-to solution for non-profits in the Fresno area. From Managed Services to Consulting and Software Development, we offer the full range of technology services to help our clients achieve their missions. Our client list includes prominent organizations such as Mid India Christian Mission, CrossCity Christian Church, Lighthouse Women’s Recovery Treatment Center, Resiliency Center, and Korean Gospel Christian Mission. Let us help you join the ranks of these esteemed organizations and exceed your goals with our expert services.

John Adams


As the founder of John Adams & Associates, John Adams is a visionary leader with a passion for helping non-profits succeed. With years of experience in technology services, he has assembled a team of experts that specialize in Managed Services, Consulting, and Software Development. Through his leadership and dedication, John has earned the trust of prominent organizations in the Fresno area, and he looks forward to helping your organization thrive as well.

Madeline Boos


As the President of John Adams & Associates, Madeline Boos brings a wealth of expertise in managing and growing businesses. With a focus on delivering exceptional customer service and innovative solutions, Madeline leads the company in providing technology services to non-profits in the Fresno area. Her leadership and strategic vision have been instrumental in helping the company achieve its mission of empowering organizations to make a positive impact on the community.